Steel fibers for concrete

Steel fibers for concrete

The twin-hook steel wires produced according to TS 10513 standard are used in concrete equipments.

Steel fiber wire is thin and short steel wires placed in ready-mixed concrete with different diameters and lengths. A homogeneous distribution is obtained by joining the ends of the hooked steel wires into the concrete.

Can be used as concrete reinforcement instead of steel mesh. It saves time and simplifies application.

Technical specifications:

Tensile strength: average. 1100 MPa
with two hooks, cold drawn SAE 1006 or SAE 1008 quality wire in accordance with Class C ASTM A820.


Diameter (d): 1.00 mm, length (in): 50 mm
Diameter (d): 0.90 mm, length (in): 60 mm
Diameter (d): 0.75 mm, length (in): 60 mm
Diameter (d): 0.53 mm, length (in): 35 mm

The steel fiber tie holds the minimum width of the crack when the steel wire-matrix connection is used adequately and with the appropriate amount, and provides the cargo carrying by performing large deformation after the top load of the concrete. Thus, it is possible to obtain concrete with high ductility.

The following concrete reinforcement applications are used:

- In field concrete, screed concrete, floor, screed and foundation concrete
- In shotcrete applications (tunnel, slope stabilization, dams)
- In precast concrete castings (panels, concrete pipes)

How to Use Steel FiberTel Accessories

The steel wires sold in 20 or 25 kg packages are poured into the mixer and directly put into concrete mortar. The steel wires are homogeneously distributed in the mortar and a concrete which can be used without any other load bearing equipment is obtained. No additional treatment is required during casting and application of concrete.

Concrete Steel Teli Dosage?

The amount of steel fiber (kg / m3) to be added to the prepared concrete depends primarily on the type of steel fiber (diameter and length), maximum aggregate diameter, normal or pump concrete. The optimum amount of steel fiber can be determined only after the best mix has been determined.
An average of 20 kg of steel fiber can be used in 1 m3 concrete to achieve even better performance from double row steel.

Advantages of Concrete Fittings:

Its tensile strength is 1100MPa and it is twice the number of wires used in steel mats.
The ends are hook shaped and provide good anchorage in the concrete. Concrete increases energy absorption capacity. Concrete life is long. Cracks due to temperature change and different hardening process disappear. The steel fibers break through the crack by acting as a bridge over the crack.
Wire mesh transportation and application time are saved. For example, a typical ground concrete work that can be done in 10 days will end sooner. This time is much shorter in tunnel or concrete panel and pipe production. Steel wire mesh is not transported, laid and carried. It is laid straight in concrete.
Steel Teller provides a uniform distribution of reinforcement in the concrete.
The elasticity of steel-reinforced concrete increases. The energy holding capacity of concrete increases. The crack is better controlled because the reinforcement is distributed throughout the concrete. Against dynamic and sudden loads, steel-reinforced concrete has higher resistance. Especially resistance to the effect of punching has been proven. More joint openness is provided from the joint opening in conventional applications.
Economically: Strength of concrete increases. With steel wire concrete, the floor thickness is reduced. Construction time is shortened with steel wires. The total cost is reduced by 10% - 15%.

For shotcrete For floor plates For prefabricated products
Uses of steel wires in sprayed concrete: It is used very easily in settlements and constructions, in tunnels, in mine fields, in set, bend stabilization, in dams & waterways, in erosion control. Usage areas of steel wires on floor plates: factory and workshop floors, floors of heavy industrial sites, airplane hangars, airports, highways, etc. It is used by joining the ready-mixed concrete. Application areas of steel wires in prefabricated products: Tunnel partitions, Mining support blocks, Water tanks and tank sections, Tilt panels, Sound barriers etc. such as ready-mixed concrete is used by joining.